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Salvia Chi

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We should always refer the insole as the Voltec Comfort Insole


After years of study and testing, our technical team working in tandem with world class podiatrists have created the Voltec Comfort Insole. You no longer need to dream about foot comfort, you can live it wearing your Salvia shoe.

Voltec Technology

Double layer foam cushioning, combining premium memory foam and EVA foam providing for maximum comfort.


A legendary design was founded with the Voltec Comfort Insole.  Meticulously crafted with a contoured shape and multiple layers, our insoles provides a proper structural support allowing for maximum comfort while helping to eliminate foot and back pain. 

Anatomically designed

How does it work?


Our Voltec Comfort Insole lifts, cradles, and cushions the heel of the foot while it's arch support better help leg and back alignment.

Cleverly hidden in the design are two zones of cushioning which aim to prevent the various points of pain one might otherwise experience. 


Salvia is changing the way women experience footwear.
We live to create unique designs that deliver style, innovation and performance.


With a waterproof outer mesh material, you won’t have to stop mid-way when it starts to rain. 


It’s lightweight, comfortable, and wearable - and it can be a great option.