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Sockwell compression socks can be worn for sports or a variety of lifestyle purposes. As everyday wear, compression socks can help ease fatigue and reduce swelling. Compression socks are perfect for a range of situations, for example people who spend a lot of their day either sitting or on their feet, for people who are pregnant, or for travel. Sockwell socks are all made with American-grown fine Merino wool blends that have been spun with bamboo rayon or alpaca for additional benefits. Merino wool’s ability to constantly absorb and evaporate moisture from your feet helps keep your feet dryer, regulates temperature, and acts as a natural odor control. Sockwell compression socks are engineered for “Graduated Compression” and it is an intentional fit. This lessening of compression up the leg gently massages your muscles and helps to keep the blood flowing through your legs. This makes for a very comfortable experience.

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  • Sockwell Compression Socks Featherweight Dot Women's 15-20mmHg
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